The reliable brand that has reached the World Standards " Orlex"

Our priority is to produce products that will contribute to human health.

Orthopedic Solutions

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About Us

Efamed in the orthopedic sector in Turkey with 19 years of production experience, more than 40 countries worldwide, we offer a high quality range of medical products.

We think that the most valuable thing in life is health, our goal is to grow sustainably in the global medical market with high quality innovative products and high level customer satisfaction by putting healthy and functional solutions on top of everything.

Efamed Medical Orthopedics, which is the pioneer of the firsts in its field, has gained a significant place in the market that it caters today with its quality and customer satisfaction and offers nearly 200 product types to its consumers under the name of Orlex brand, which is one of the first brands that come to mind in the medical sector.

Efamed Orthopedics knows that the most important thing in life is human health and continues its studies in this direction.

Orlex bir Efamed Ortopedi Markasıdır.

Why Efamed ?


It aims to provide uninterrupted service to its customers by keeping the stock level alive with the maximum effort in the medical products it produces.

Product Variety

We are supplying our customers on a healthier basis by enriching their product range by adding new products in short terms with a wide range of medical products

Customer Happiness

We always prioritize customer satisfaction by providing the best service with quality products to medical companies in the sector.

100% Domestic Production

It is a 100% Turkish capital orthopedic and medical product production with high quality standards.

Quality Management

We are aware of the fact that it carries the companies to the future with confidence, the importance it attaches to quality and its staff adopts quality standards.


We create solutions that go beyond the problem with our expertise and know-how to help our customers reach their potential.

Our Quality Standards

High quality production