Mission & Vision


Our company is guided by high ethical standards with honesty, respect for employees, customers and environmental values. We believe in personal responsibility understanding and empowerment of employees. We encourage a culture where diversity is appreciated.

“We continue to add new products to our product range with our R&D studies. We combine our knowledge with 19 years of experience and modern technology to make our products better quality. ”


The company’s goal is to help Efamed be launched in global markets, improve the success of Orthopedic Medical Products in Turkey. To maintain and expand our market share and increase our profitability by focusing on product quality and cost efficiency. We must work hard to strengthen our presence with current and future customers, based on Efamed future product offerings and value-added services. Our company’s goal is to meet future challenges and continue to grow our existing orthopedic market share by offering our customers quality and innovative products, the right place at the right time and after-sales technical support.

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