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Efamed Orthopedics

Soft Efamed started production in Turkey in 1993, the activities of orthopedic orthopedics, offers 19 years of production experience in more than 40 countries worldwide with high-quality range of products.

Efamed Orthopedics, which is the pioneer of the firsts in its field, has gained a significant place in the market that it caters today with its quality and customer satisfaction and offers nearly 200 product types under the name of Orlex® brand, which is one of the first brands that come to mind in the Medical Orthopedics sector. The first ones that come to mind in this product portfolio are; we can count waist corsets, knee pads, lanyards, hand and ankles, foot health products, as well as other orthoses and brackets.

We think that the most valuable thing in life is health, we continue to work with the same consciousness from the first stage to the last step in our design and production process. Our goal is to sustainably grow in the global medical market with high quality innovative products and high customer satisfaction by putting healthy and functional solutions on top of everything.

Ortopedik Medikal Ürünler

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With the experience of years, we offer the best in our field and our experience to the benefit of our customers.

Quality service

We have the right to work, work diligently and produce high quality services for our customers in all sectors.

Lower costs

In all our work, we optimize costs for the benefit of our customers and produce affordable solutions.

""Health is the most important thing you have in life!"

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